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  10 Ways to Prevent Cancer

1.   Body pH
2.  Water pH
3.  Alkaline Friendly Nutrition
4.  Omit UnHealthy Proteins
5. Omit unHealthy Drinks
6.  Omit Excessive Sweets
7.  Minimizing Stress
8.  Exercise
9.  Sleep : How to's!
10.  Spiritual Fortitude

1.   Body pH: Many are attempting to discredit the importance of alkaline body pH or alkaline water. It's criminal! Ignore them. Body pH level is extremely important for good health.  Most doctors agree body ph which becomes acidic , (below 7.3) for prolonged periods of time is dangerous.  It is very easy to adjust ones body ph to safe levels, 7.3-7.8 within days.   Checking ones pH should be done often before brushing ones teeth in the morning. 
 No to Cancer

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 offers a Free pH Paper Refill subscription and is dedicated to waking up the general public to it's importance.
     Body pH is a first indicator of  illness in the body. Cancer hits 1 in 4.  Cancer thrives in an acidic environment and is proven to cease immediately when those cells are exposed to 8.4 alkaline body ph fluid levels. This is not to recommend alkaline treatments alone but a balanced cancer protocol.

2. Water pH : is equally important to consider in not only avoiding cancer but all disease.  The body's composed of  60+ % water.  Water pH level 7.4-7.8 is recommended for drinking water. When water has a lower pH level its called acidic and has become , " clustered ". The hydrogen and oxygen molecules no longer 3 molecules but groups of  hydrogen and oxygen cell  grouped together. This makes it difficult for body hydration and a person is unsatisfied. Thirst isn't quenched.      Water clustering occurs when  for example it's bottled in plastics or additives are added  like chlorine and fluoride.

3.  Alkaline Friendly Nutrition:   The human body requires oxygen not only from the air but also from food and water.  Living food is oxygenated.  A body needs 3-4 handfuls daily of leafy greens.   This can be effectively supplemented with high end  Greens like Paradise brand which is excellent.  They offer a protein  green blend that is all greens, the preteen derived from peas.

4.  Omit UnHealthy Proteins   Cancer thrives on sugar and fats so it's important not to consume fried foods or  fatty meats, poultry or pork.  Grass fed,  is always preferred but not always available.  It is possible to cook draining or cutting away all the fat. 

5. Omit unHealthy Drinks:  The body needs hydration daily 5-6 glasses of alkaline ( natural) water .  People  assume "drinks"  have  water in them so it isn't necessary to drink water alone. This notion is wrong, as you may have learned above, artificial drinks are acidic and so not provide needed hydration for the body.. The system becomes overworked processing junk through and ridding the body of it.

6.  Omit Excessive Sweets: are highly addictive. Cancer loves fats and sweets, Statistics tell all, 75 % of cancer victims are obese. Sweet addictions occur when nutrient imbalance has been present for prolonged periods of time.  If proper nutritional balance occurs  alone for 30-45 days, food addictions can be broken.

7.  Minimizing Stress:  Sometimes stress cannot be avoided. Such was the case when I was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  What I was able to do was implement better hydration and nutrition habits which compensated sufficiently in the face of unavoidable stress I was exposed to in addition to facing cancer.
It has been said, " It isn't what faces is that defeats us but how we react ot it. "   I try to remember that outlook  because  in stressful situations if  I realize ,  thought and feelings are choices I'm choosing to entertain or not.   They needn't define us.

8.  Exercise : Is so important for healthy body's.  30 min.  3-4 days a week makes a world of difference in our well being.  It affects our outlook, energy level, quality sleep and weight control.  Exercise may stimulate an appetite , but if  satisfied with healthy choices, it completes a healthy regime.

9.  Sleep : How to's!   Fortunately Ive never had a problem sleeping ! So  heres some tips .
  • Make sure you have room to sleep.  The body stretches, ( like a cat)  and turns  in deep sleep.
  • Condition of Bed is Firm : Get a pillow which feels just right.
  • Room and Atmosphere are Desirable :  A clean bedroom, bedding and you !
  • Fresh Air at Night and  Room is Dark
  • Make sleep a No Guilt zone. Many people feel guilty or live with others who misunderstand the body's need for 6-8 hours of sleep a night for optimal health. Sometimes the body needs catch up. ( The pets in my home wont even wake me if sleeping in late. They patiently wait for a late breakfast.  9 never disturbed their rest!)
10.  Spiritual Fortitude   Have a relationship with Him/Her/God.
                Fortunately I came to know Him at a young age.
Here  are some suggestions if you don't know Him and would like to .  
( Don't let religion get in he way, most religious people don't know Him. That's there usually angry or quick to anger. )
  • Get to know Him personally, don't take others  word for it.
Thetas comforting and encouraging  but not enough alone.
  • Think  of a  baby when it cries . Everyone goes  immediately to console a baby. 
          As does He, ( or  Father in heaven as I call Him), when you call Him sincerely.
  • Be as determined as a crying baby. Remain  steadfast, take a stand  until you know, feel understand  one another very well.  You will not be disappointed. 
  • You were given free will. So if you go to,  others or substitutes like alcohol, drugs, entertainment etc. rather than Him, He eludes you.
  • If  your choice is to know Him, you will not be disappointed.